The Supergiant Toolkit

3 apps, 1 mission.

Control, Capacity, and Analyze are built to simplify the administration and operation of Kubernetes. Each application is rooted in a desire to blaze better trails in DevOps, to put the power of enterprise systems in the hands of any aspiring team or tinkerer.

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The Supergiant Toolkit

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Supergiant Control

Create HA K8s clusters on multiple clouds. Simplify K8s deployment and management, easily configure and deploy Helm releases, and view at-a-glance metrics for cluster usage.

Supergiant Capacity

A hosted K8s experience—in your own cluster. Assert through intelligent node autoscaling and sizing that every pod should have a home—and that unused infrastructure should not be paid for.

Supergiant Analyze

Apply efficiency with style. Take hold of the cumulative experience of our team’s efforts to maximize cluster workloads, and apply it to clusters using presets and custom checks.

Coming Soon™

As all applications have not been fully released, the documents are not fully published. We look forward to sharing our hard work with you! :smile+:

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