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Control, Capacity, and Analyze are built to simplify the administration and operation of Kubernetes. Each application is rooted in a desire to blaze better trails in DevOps, to put the power of enterprise systems in the hands of any aspiring team or tinkerer.

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What is Supergiant Capacity?

Coming Soon™

There is more information to come for SG Capacity (such as installation and tasks), but currently things are under development. We look forward to sharing our hard work with you! :smile+:


The concepts SG Capacity are easy to wrap up into three general categories:

  • What SG Capacity is (and what it does)
  • Why it does it (and its place in the world)
  • How it achieves its goals (its components and architecture)

What is Supergiant Capacity?

SG Capacity is the tool in the SG kit that makes autoscaling possible, as well as configurable. It uses cloud accounts to create and destroy real nodes, based on requirements for pods, in order to keep service high, but cost low.

Why does it exist?

As hinted at in Architecture & Purpose, SG Capacity is designed to give the cluster independence from its administrators to make scaling decisions (that is, "autoscaling"). For example, if using AWS, this allows kube administrators to rely on SG Capacity to handle the addition and deletion of nodes instead of AWS Autoscaling Groups--providing one autoscaling experience across all clouds.

SG Capacity also provides configuration options which give users power over more aspects of the autoscaling experience.

How does it work?

"Continue Your Journey" for more information!

Continue Your Journey?

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What is Supergiant Capacity?

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